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AIM brings music to our children

The best gifts we can give to our children are the gift of experience. The Philharmonic brings the experience of music to local children through Adventures In Music (AIM).

Established in 1998, AIM increases local students' abilities to perceive and comprehend music, and to use those perceptions and ideas in the appreciation of all styles of music, including symphonic music by letting them experience concerts with a live orchestra. In total, nearly 60,000 school children in nearly 60 schools participate in this program absolutely free.

  • February 2007: Secrets of the COmposers
    During the month of February, members of the Philharmonic visit local
    schools and present highly interactive workshops, opening up the magic of
    classical music to young impressionable minds. The musicians introduce their unique instruments, and their rich panoply of color, expressivity and drama.

    Our Young People's Concerts will take place on Feb. 20, 2008 under the direction of Maestro Patrick Flynn.  The theme of next year’s concerts will be “Secrets of the Composer” and will clarify to young people many of ways composers make their music intriguing, innovative, and memorable.  Music Director Patrick Flynn will demonstrate how composers hold the audience’s attention with their mastery.

    Please Support this program with your contribution
    Every $5 gift underwrites a child’s participation in these great programs!
    Better yet, consider being an AIM Sponsor...

Learn more about AIM:

For more information, contact the Philharmonic at (951) 787-0251.

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