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Short, sweet, and To The Point
Stars of the Philharmonic

May 14, 2011 7:30 P.M. Fox Performing Arts Center
• Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 4
• Stravinsky - Dumbrton Oaks
• Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
• CPE Bach - Symphony in F, Wq. 183 #3
• Karim Al-Zand - The Waiting Game
• Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 5

Our season finale features several smaller-sized, yet very important works from the last 300 years. In this concert we will feature small ensembles and showcase many of our wonderful players as soloists in chamber music settings. From three of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg concerti, written for virtuoso ensembles of the 18th century to Igor Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks, this composer’s 20th century version of a Brandenburg Concerto. You will also get to experience music of JS Bach’s revolutionary son, CPE Bach, who, along with Franz Joseph Haydn, was one of the most important pioneers of the so-called “Classical style”. We are also presenting critically-acclaimed Canadian-American composer Karim Al-Zand’s “The Waiting Game”, a wonderful work that evokes the choreography of a man and a woman flirting as they wait at a bus stop. It features a rarely-heard African folk instrument, the Kalimba.

This concert is generously sponsored by Mrs. Donna Knox and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rubin




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